Co-Enrollment BSN Program (Non-veteran)

The Co-enrollment BSN Program (Non-veteran) (BCE) allows students to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree online while concurrently enrolled in an Associates of Applied Science nursing degree (AAS Nursing) program at a partner community college. Nursing classes in the BCE are offered online in a seven-week format.

Students take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) after completing their AAS in nursing while enrolled in Mason’s BSN program. After a student passes the NCLEX and upon successful completion of NURS 336, students are awarded 33 nursing transfer credits toward their BSN degree. Students complete Mason’s BSN program the semester following graduation with the AAS degree.

Learn more about the courses in the Co-Enrollment BSN Program (Non-veteran).

View a Sample Co-enrollment plan for Northern Virginia Community College (pdf)

Special Requirements

Students must provide a copy of their RN license within 90 days of graduating from their community college RN program.

Academic Grade Standards

A passing grade is C+ (77%) in the Mason BSN program. A grade of C or lower in a nursing course may prohibit further progress in the major until the course is repeated and a satisfactory grade of C or higher is earned. Only one repeat is allowed in the Mason BSN program. A second failure of a nursing course leads to termination from the BSN program. Students must remain in good standing in their partner community college AAS-Nursing program and failure to adhere to the academic standards of the AAS-Nursing program will halt progress in the Mason BSN program.

Professional Licensure Disclosure
​This program has been identified by George Mason University as one that may lead to a career requiring professional licensure/certification. Federal regulations require Mason to disclose information as to whether this program meets/does not meet the educational requirements for licensure/certification in your state, or whether such a determination has not been made. Please consult our Licensure Disclosure Tool ( for the disclosure statement specific to your desired state/program combination.