Co-Enrollment BSN Program (Non-veteran) Program of Study

A minimum of 30 credits must be earned in degree status towards the BSN degree at George Mason University to fulfill requirements for graduation. Co-enrollment begins during the second semester of the RN program. Candidates for the BSN degree must earn at least 120 credits as outlined on this page.

Students admitted with a prior bachelor's degree are required to complete at least 30 hours at Mason beyond their first degree. If previous credits earned at Mason have been used for a degree at Mason or any other university, they cannot be used as electives for the CEP program. Admitted students should communicate regularly with their academic advisor to review degree requirements and review their degree evaluations regularly.

These Mason Core, nursing prerequisite, and elective (15-19 cr) courses must be completed prior to starting the community college RN and Mason co-enrollment programs.

Mason Core Requirements (24-27 cr)
Course Credits
Communication (COMM 100 or 101) (3 cr)
English Composition (ENGH 101) (3 cr)
Fine Arts (3 cr)
Global Understanding (GCH 205 is recommended) (3 cr)
Information Technology (3 cr)
Literature (3 cr)
Quantitative Reasoning
(may be met by approved statistics course; otherwise required)*
(3 cr)
Social Science (3 cr)
Western Civilization (HIST 100 or 125) (3 cr)
Designated Nursing Prerequisites (18 cr)
Course Credits
Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 124) (4 cr)
Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 125) (4 cr)
Bioethics (PHIL 309) (3 cr)
Microbiology (BIOL 246 and 306) (4 cr)
Statistics (STAT 250)* (3 cr)
Electives (15-19 cr)
Course Credits
Sociology or Anthropology course is recommended.
Note: Applicants taking the NAS 161/162 sequence need a total of 19 credits of electives.
(15-19 cr)

Upon RN licensure and successful completion of NURS 336, students will be awarded 33 nursing credits toward their BSN degree.

*STAT 250 fulfills the quantitative reasoning general education requirement as well as the statistics requirement. Both requirements must be met in order to be eligible for BSN admission.

You will complete a majority of these courses during concurrent enrollment in a partner community college RN program and complete the BSN program one semester after completing your AAS/RN.

Nursing Major (30 cr)
Course Credits
ENGH 302 Advanced Composition (3 cr)
NURS 336 Concepts in Professional Nursing as a Discipline (3 cr)
NURS 425 Comprehensive Health Assessment (3 cr)
NURS 434 Vulnerable Populations (3 cr)
NURS 436 Leadership and Management of Health Care (3 cr)
NURS 440 Community Health and Epidemiology (3 cr)
NURS 453 Research in Nursing (3 cr)
NURS 457 Introduction to Nursing Informatics (3 cr)
NURS 465 Examination and Integration of Professional and Health Care Issues (3 cr)
Elective (must be taken at Mason) (3 cr)
Courses Credits
Mason Core, Electives, and Nursing Prerequisites 57-60 cr
Awarded Credits 33 cr
Nursing Major 30 cr
TOTAL 120-123 cr