PhD Program Details

Major Transition Points

Admission and Enrollment


  • Consult with assigned faculty advisor every semester for coursework planning.
  • Select a research advisor by the end of first year of study.

Completion of Coursework and Comprehensive Exam

  • Successful completion of coursework (except NURS 998 and NURS 999)
  • Successful completion of comprehensive exams

Doctoral Candidacy

  • Advancement to doctoral candidacy (within six years of admission)

Proposal Development

  • Continued enrollment in NURS 998: Dissertation Proposal Development - Doctoral Dissertation Proposal in the fall and spring semesters for the duration of proposal development
  • Approval of dissertation committee
  • Successful completion of oral defense of the dissertation proposal

Dissertation Research

NURS 999 - Doctoral Dissertation

  • Continued enrollment in NURS 999 during the fall and spring semesters for duration of dissertation research project. In addition, if dissertation defense occurs during the summer semester, the student must be registered for the summer NURS 999 course.

Dissertation Defense

  • Successful completion of oral defense of the dissertation

Dissertation Approval

  • Final approval of dissertation by Committee and PhD program coordinator

Submit Intent to Graduate


  • Completion within nine years of first enrollment as a PhD student