Matthew Brown, MSN Nursing Administration Concentration '15

Matt BrownMatthew Brown, MSN '15, is a Geriatric Nurse Navigator, Sibley Hospital.

The flexibility of the online program and convenience to my home are why I first looked at the School of Nursing at Mason. Once I told a few people I was looking at Mason, it was a pleasant surprise how many people had either gone to Mason or knew somebody who did and raved about it. Fortunately for me, they were all correct. I had amazing professors throughout the program, but that last year of classroom learning with people who were fighting the same good fight as me, just in a different place, that was powerful. Everyone learned a lot, but there was also a therapeutic element to being in the same battle to be better health care leaders. The practicum armed me with skills you don’t get in the classroom and wouldn’t get following somebody from your own organization. I use the skills I learned from my preceptor every day and will continue to the rest of my career. I’m grateful for all I learned at Mason both personally and professionally.