Community Health

We support the diverse health needs of our community.

We understand the importance of community health and the need to promote healthy living in the community. In our evolving health care environment, there is a move for health care to be delivered more in community settings and less in acute care hospitals.

We are driven to serve our local community by providing access to primary care services for underserved populations in the surrounding community and by educating community members on healthy lifestyle and preventative care practices to reduce high-risk behaviors. We support the concept of using integrated care to treat current health problems and screen for potential issues to help prevent chronic health conditions. 

Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics

Community Health

An integral part of our work in community health is our MAP clinics. These nurse-managed clinics unite community and academic resources to provide an access point for underserved, high-risk populations to enter our complex health care system. We focus on preventative care practices and health education to encourage self-care and healthy behavior.

Our work in the MAP clinics allows us to address the priority health care needs of our fellow community members in Fairfax and Prince William counties using an interprofessional treatment team approach that provides personalized care and improves access to health care.