Innovative Practice

Nursing professionals’ primary goal is to improve patient outcomes. Our faculty focused on innovative practice is dedicated to improving how nursing responds to a rapidly evolving health care system through the use of evidence-based medicine and best practices. Their work—through research, in the clinic, and in the classroom—addresses multicultural and socioeconomic diversity to ensure all populations receive effective interventions. These new models of care target the root causes of diseases and identify emerging trends to lead the evolution of health care.

Capacity building, leadership, and workforce development

We recognize the importance of capacity building, leadership, and workforce development in the evolution of health care. Through our Mason and Partners (MAP) clinics, we are providing students the opportunity to enhance their skills outside of the classroom by integrating interprofessional education in the clinic. We also work extensively in global health communities to develop structure and focus on capacity building to enhance patients’ access to quality care and improve training for health professionals.

Telehealth and Informatics

Innovative Practice 2

Our approach to telehealth and informatics is to use an evidence-based approach to improve health care. Using telehealth methods and researching their impact helps reduce barriers to care and also increases health prevention and promotion.

Vulnerable populations

Innovative Practice 3

Providing health care and education to vulnerable populations is an important aspect of our work within the local community and beyond. We collaborate with community organizations through our Mason and Partners (MAP) clinics in a bridge care model to provide care to vulnerable populations and help them find a permanent medical home. This approach to care for these populations has a direct impact on the health of our local community.