Program Requirements



Student assignments are based on the learning needs of the student without regard to the HIV or HBV status of the client. Failure to practice universal precautions and blood borne pathogen safety results in dismissal from the nursing program.

No student or faculty member is discriminated against or denied admission to the nursing program for the sole reason that the student or faculty member has been exposed to, infected, or diagnosed with HIV or HBV.

In the event that a student has a clinical experience/practicum exposure to body fluids of a client, procedures and appropriate incident reports are to be completed according to institutional and nursing policies.

Information related to exposure or infection is confidential, and dissemination of such information is based on the need to know criteria that apply generally in health care situations. A complete and detailed HIV/HBV policy is available in the College of Health and Human Services Office of Student Affairs, Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall, Room 1000.


All students are required to have an active George Mason University email account. Academic administrative communications are sent to the George Mason email address only. If you need help in setting up your George Mason account, please contact the Information Technology Services (ITS) Support Center at 703-993-8870.

RN Licensure Requirement

RN students are required to submit a copy of his/her license prior to entering the first nursing course.