Sarah Stanmyre, MSN Nursing Administration Concentration '15

Sarah StanmyreSarah Stanmyre, MSN '15, is a Clinical Director, Emergency Care Centers of Fairfax and Reston, Inova Health System.

I initially started this program to give me something to focus on as I began my nursing leadership career. During the course of the program and mostly during the last year when I was in the midst of my practicum, I got married, got pregnant, moved, got divorced, became a mom, and started my new position (the one I currently hold). The amount of care, concern and support I received from the faculty and students in this program were overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. My Mason program has enhanced what I have been doing throughout my career. What I learned in every class made what I did every day at work more meaningful. I understood my daily work better because of my courses at Mason and what I learned. Mason also gave me a valuable network of peers and friends who are all going through the same steps in their careers.